The CDTI launched a capital managed by Nmás1 private equity fund

  • Nmás1 private equity, selected in an international competitive process, which involved other five managers.
  • CDTI will contribute 100 million euros through Innvierte and becomes the investor the background anchor.
  • It’s one of the biggest private Spanish equity funds with high expected foreign participation.
  • The Fund intends to refer mainly to middle capitalization companies in various sectors.

July 14, 2015. The CDTI has selected Nmás1 Capital private SGEIC S.A.U. to manage a Fund of more than 400 million euros. The CDTI, through the company Innvierte, has inverter anchor of the Fund providing 100 million euros, while Nmás1 private equity should incorporate at least $ 300 million more than national and international private capital.

This new Fund will address investments of up to 60 million euros in Spanish companies (midcaps) mid-cap industrial and technological. For the selection of the Manager has been just an open and competitive procedure tabled that 6 managing bodies, national and international. Aroused interest shows the will of private equity operators by approaching Spanish companies with technological and industrial capacities.

One of the biggest private Spanish equity funds, which provides a high level of foreign participation will be managed by Nmás1 private equity. The chosen company stands out for his team, his career, his experience managing funds of similar size and the adequacy of its investment strategy to the objectives pursued by the initiative promoted by CDTI.

The Fund, which is provided that you have a minimum of 400 million euros and a maximum of 525 million, main objective is consolidating the size of the Spanish midcaps improving their competitiveness and offering greater access to international markets.

Although the Fund’s investment strategy is not limited sectorally, the Fund will undertake their investments mainly in the following sectors: chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, bio, electronics, IT, food, electronic and mechanical equipment, automotive, aerospace and materials transport and energy.

Through this instrument, the public sector shares risk with Spanish innovative companies who are committed to growth, quality employment and international competitiveness. This measure along with others of a similar nature dedicated to early stages (capital seed and venture capital) allow strengthen investments specializing in technology companies, completing a road that is login in 2012, when the CDTI launched a first initiative in this direction: Innvierte venture capital funds.

Since its formation, in 2011, the INNVIERTE program has formalized 3 agreements of joint venture in the field of energy and the environment, and has committed funds in 7 vehicles of Venture capital (four of them specialized in biohealth technologies, two in industrial technologies) which has enabled the investment of almost 90 million euros in 80 Spanish technological SMEs. Two procedures, one of them specialized in transfer of technology in the early stages and another for vehicles of Venture Capital in the field of ICT are currently in evaluation phase.

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