Technological development and / or business innovation

Purpose of the call:
Convened by 2015, in a competitive basis, subsidies for the realization of investments by autonomous micro, small and medium enterprises that have their headquarters or production center in municipalities of the province
Valladolid with less than 20,000 inhabitants.
These grants is intended to promote the economic revitalization of the province of Valladolid, promoting investments contributing to economic development in their municipalities and to encourage technological development and / or innovation
business, enhancing the implementation and consolidation of our businesses and, consequently, the settlement of the population, through initiatives generating employment and wealth.

Individual obligation of contribution amounts and beneficiaries:
The amount of each grant may not exceed 50% of the investment cost, requiring, therefore, beneficiaries to provide a minimum of 50% of the total amount of expenditure made. This contribution may be made with own funds or with funds raised by any route, including other non-inconsistent subsidies.
The maximum grant per applicant shall not exceed the amount of 20,000 euros.
Applicants may request includes all investments, as appropriate.
Applicants in the call for subsidies for the realization of innovation projects carried out by independent and micro-enterprises in municipalities in the province of Valladolid with less than 20,000 inhabitants in 2015, wishing to participate in this call population must file a new application without prejudice basis in the seventh on the maximum amount of the subsidy.

Eligible costs:
Eligible costs are investments in accordance with the provisions of this clause is considered eligible and whose expenditure and payment has occurred between 1 January 2015 and up to 3 months after the Council has made the cash advance income or, If advance amount has not been any, up to 3 months since he had received the notice agreeing to the grant award.
The acquisition of equipment, machinery, tools, computers or similar, are eligible investments and intangible assets. It is understood that funding covers not only the purchase of the item, but also, where appropriate, the supply and installation.

Date application: Until 20 January 2016.

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