Stimulate and encourage I+D+i in sectors agriculture, food and fisheries

Organization innovation in service activities


Subject of this chapter is the regulating subsidies to carry out expenditure and investment in innovative projects in the field of organization in service activities.

Eligible expenditure:

(a) staff costs, including costs of researchers, technicians and other auxiliary staff, provided it is exclusively dedicated to the research project.

(b) costs of instruments and equipment of information and communication technologies, to the extent and for the period in which is used for the research project. When not in use in the life project, only eligible shall be the costs of depreciation corresponding to the duration of the project.

(c) costs of buildings and grounds, as used for the innovation project and for the duration of the same. In the case of buildings, only eligible shall be the costs of depreciation corresponding to the duration of the research project, calculated according to good accounting practices. In the case of land, commercial transfer costs or capital costs that actually incurred will be eligible.

(d) cost of contractual research, technical knowledge and patents bought or obtained by license from sources external to market prices, provided the operation is carried out under conditions of full competition and no element of collusion, as well as the costs of consultancy and equivalent services exclusively to the research activity.

(e) additional overhead costs directly derived from the research project.

(f) other operating expenses, including costs of materials, supplies and similar products derived directly from research activity.


(a) up to 15% of eligible costs for large companies.

(b) up to 25% of eligible costs for medium-sized companies.

(c) up to 35% of eligible costs for small businesses, associations, foundations, associative entities without legal personality and research institutions.

Execution term:

Investments corresponding to the actions provided for in chapter V, may be annual or multi-annual nature and correspond to the fiscal years 2015 and 2016.

Innovation in processes


Subject of this chapter is the regulating subsidies for running costs and investments in projects of innovation processes.

Made eligible:

The application of a method of production or supply new or significantly improved (including significant changes in techniques, equipment and/or software).


Loans with zero interest.

  1. for projects of innovation in processes, be granted loans without interest to 75% with a maximum of €2,000,000
  2. equivalent gross subsidy:

«35% small businesses and groups of natural persons or legal private and community of property without legal personality.»

«25% medium-sized companies.»

«15% large enterprises.»

Execution term:

Research, development and innovation projects provided for in chapter VI must run within a maximum period of 24 months from the date of notification of the decision of concession of the zero-interest loan.

Date request for two lines: until 23 October 2015.

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