State – Promoting youth employment and implementation of the Youth Guarantee in R + D + i

The purpose of this call is for aid, for a period of three years to improve the training and employability of technical staff and management of R & D through its hiring in universities, agencies and research institutions public sector as well as research activities thereof and performance of infrastructure, scientific and technical equipment, laboratories or other facilities or services of general or common use of the entity, scientific-technical reinforcing, or research management.
1. The staff whose contract is co-financed by aid under this call must meet the following requirements at the contract date:
a) Being in possession of any of the following qualifications, according to the funded position:
1. University degrees: Graduate, Engineer, Architect, Graduate, Diploma, Technical Engineer or Technical Architect.
2. Degrees in the framework of vocational training system: Technician or Technician.
b) Be enrolled in the file of the National System of Youth Guarantee. The registration process may, in accordance with the provisions of Article 98 of Royal Decree-Law 8/2014, of July 4, validated by Law 18/2014, of 15 October, approval of measures urgent for growth, competitiveness and efficiency, either by telematics based headquarters Ministry of Employment and Social Security, telematics not good form to the exceptions set out in that Article.
2. In addition to the above requirements, staff whose contract is co-financed shall not being employed by the entity requesting aid this performance at the date of publication of the notice.
The performances presented in each application will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
a) Necessity and impact on the body of the activity carried out by hired staff.
b) Quality and content of the training plan.
c) Improving employability of staff recruited.
May be valued aspects such as experience acquired by the staff at the team activity, interest and future prospects of that activity, and recognition that owns the center where it develops.
The maximum total amount of aid to be granted amounts to 60,000,000 euros.

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