State program of I + D + I in the Society-oriented challenges fot

The call object and purpose of the grant:

  1. the purpose of the call is awarding grants to projects of fundamental research and complementary actions in the challenge of food quality and safety, productive and sustainable farming, sustainability of the

Natural resources and marine research and marine, within the State program of r & d to the challenges of society, within the framework of the State r & d 2013-2016 Plan.

  1. in accordance with article 5 of the order ECC/2098/2013, November 8, the fundamental research projects are aimed at encouraging the generation of knowledge, its application and innovation in all its dimensions. Complementary actions are actions of special relevance and broad spectrum associated to programs and projects of r & d, human resources or infrastructure for the development and execution of activities not covered by the fundamental research projects.
  2. this call for proposals, in accordance with article 8 of the order ECC/2098/2013, 8 November, prioritize those research, projects being considered excellent from a scientific point of view, they are approached by more than three complementary research groups and join companies or cooperatives which develop their productive activity in the field of agri-food system in the experimental procedures in order to stimulate, at the same time, cooperation between research groups, the multidisciplinary approach of the thematic priorities and the transmission of knowledge to the sector.

Beneficiaries. Requirements.

  1. they will be beneficiaries in this call:

(a) to carry out research projects, public r & d in agricultural or food research centres dependent the autonomous communities and the INRA and subprojects of a coordinated project, all beneficiaries laid down in article 2 of the order ECC/2098/2013, 8 November.

(b) to carry out complementary actions, public r & d centers, private universities, private r & d non-profit, technology centers and technological innovation support centres constituted in accordance with the Royal Decree 2093 / 2008, of 19 December, which regulates technology centres and centres of technological innovation of State-level support and establishing the register of such centers as well as foundations and other private entities with legal personality non-profit engaged in activities related to the promotion, management and intermediation in the field of science, technology, research and innovation.

Economic interest groupings, formed by companies or companies with other entities are expressly excluded.

((c) for the realization of the complementary actions of type d) defined in point 1 of article 6 of this resolution, will be beneficiaries solely public r & d centres.

Types of projects and general conditions for its realization.

  1. There are two types of projects:
  2. a) r & d (RTA referral code) projects: projects that conform to the priority lines established by INRA and published on the website
  3. b) (reference E-RTA code) emerging r & d projects: projects whose objectives are aimed at the diagnosis and control of pests and diseases, both plant species and animal species, which have been detected in Spanish territory, for the first time in three years. For the presentation of these projects, it is necessary to provide emergency supporting documentation. Lines involving duplication with projects underway in other national and international calls will not finance.
  4. both types of projects may be conducted under modalities of individual project, with a team of research or project coordinated, consisting of several research teams, belonging to one of the sub-projects that make up the.
  5. the individual projects will have a principal investigator who is responsible for the development of the proposed activities.
  6. the coordinated projects will be composed of two or more subprojects in charge of other many research teams, different entities or the same entity, provided that they belong to various institutes and research centres, University departments or research institutes.
  7. the project, which will take place in the period 2016-2018, will have a maximum duration of three years, counting from the date that is stated in the resolution of concession. In any case, the start of the implementation of the projects may not be earlier than the date of filing of the application.

You can compose the research team:

a) doctors.

b) top graduates.

c) emeriti professors, doctors ‘pro bono’ and tenured academics.

d) personnel belonging to entities of research without domicile in Spain.


The maximum amount to finance this call is 14.500.000 euros.

Application date: through July 29, 2015.

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