State program of business leadership – horizon SME


  1. the objective of the call is to fund a study of feasibility (technical and commercial) that includes a business plan for an innovative project to those SMEs which, having submitted to phase I of the SME instrument of the Horizon 2020 programme, have been evaluated by the European Commission with a score equal to or greater than 12 points, and that for budgetary reasons not been able to be financed.
  2. actions of this call are integrated among those defined in article 8 of the order ECC/1333/2015 2 July, by which approve the regulatory basis for the granting of State aid of the State program of business leadership in r & d, as complementary actions for results and evaluation of those not included in the r & d projects.

Features support object actions:

The proceedings shall consist of studies of feasibility (technical and commercial) that include a business plan products, processes, or services, which will include activities such as risk analysis, studies of market or management of the intellectual property of a new product, service, or a new application of existing technologies.

The maximum amount to finance this call is €8.600.000.

Time of action:

Lead time will begin on January 1, 2015 and ends on December 31, 2015 a maximum. Part of the performance must be made after the filing of the application. However, the beneficiary may request extension of the period of execution.

Application date: until 28 July 2015.

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