Special research and development

Purpose and scope of the aid
21. The special actions of R & D are intended to cover the scientific objectives that require some specific action, of
special interest and relevance to the research activity to be developed within the system of science, technology and innovation in the Balearic Islands. The scientific objectives to be achieved are:
a) To promote the exchange and dissemination of scientific knowledge.
b) Consolidate research activities, complementing the realization of research projects that have received funding in other competitive calls.
c) Integrating research of the Balearic Islands, encourage the exchange and transfer of knowledge between the research groups of the Balearic Islands and between them and the company, and promote interdisciplinarity between research groups and the groups themselves.
d) To promote increased scientific and technological potential of the Balearic Islands.
2.2. They may be subject to aid the types of actions or funding following lines:
a) Line A: performances of preparing proposals for the participation of research teams in international projects, especially in the «Horizon 2020» program.
b) Line B: specific actions of scientific-technological policies that present an emergency or special interest. Is expected to finance both specific actions under national or international programs like any others, because of the issue or opportunity, help improve the development of the objectives of the strategy for smart specialization in research and innovation in the Balearic Islands (RIS3) or Plan of Science, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Balearic Islands from 2013 to 2017. We must emphasize the need for specific actions are; in this line, no proposals for large, high scientific scope, characteristic of the research projects are accepted features.
c) Line C: performances of collaboration between research groups from scientific-technical (networks, interdisciplinary groups, agendas, etc.). All actions which are designed to collaborate and exchange knowledge between the research groups of the science, technology and innovation in the Balearic Islands, and encourage concerted action starting new groups from different institutions of the Balearic Islands or included research groups outside the Illes Balears.
d) Line D: dissemination and exploitation of the results of R + D + I, as publications of results in scientific journals, books, publications, dissemination of results in the press, etc. Excluded are travel and attendance at fairs, patents, advertising technology and other actions which aim to improve sales and marketing of a product or a technology.
e) Line E: performances by strengthening technological and infrastructure needs for research equipment as well as electronic document (pages, portals) that can contain text, sound, video, software, links, images, etc.
f) Line F: organizing conferences, seminars and general meetings of scientific and technological issues.
2. 3. The themes of the special actions have to be integrated mainly in some of the initiatives envisaged in the Balearic RIS3. Also, are also present actions match its subject the thematic areas of the Science, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Balearic Islands 2013-2017 and are the following:
a) marine science and technology.
b) Biomedical sciences and health sciences.
c) Tourism: social sciences applied to tourism and information technology and communications.
d) Environment: water resources, food and agriculture and energy.
e) digital content based on knowledge.
In this regard an explanatory report on the adequacy and integration of the proposal submitted to the Balearic RIS3 necessary or
adequacy in the thematic areas of IETC Plan.

Amount: The maximum grant that can be awarded to each special action is of 25,000.00 euros.

Date application: until 15 July 2016.

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