Return Basque professionals


It is the subject of this order the development, under the name of program LANdhome, of the aid scheme aimed at providing public support that encourages the return of Basque professionals who are developing their careers overseas companies with company name in the Basque country (hereinafter Basque companies).


5.1.-for the benefiting company.

To have access to the aid referred to in the programme LANdhome, companies must offer and formalize an employment contract of indefinite character to fill a position of managerial or senior technician. This contract should contribute to a net increase in the number of indefinite contracts of the company with respect to the previous financial year.

In accordance with the provisions of article 18, in the case of termination of the contract for reasons not imputable to the worker in less than 4 years, the company shall be obliged to repay the aid.

5.2.-repatriated professional.

5.2. – no more than 45 years old.

5.2. b. – carrying abroad as a professional expatriates, a minimum of 5 consecutive years, or have accumulated in this condition 10 years in a discontinuous manner, in the moment before the signing of the contract of employment supported by this program.

5.2. c. – accredited administrative neighbourhood in the immediate autonomous community prior to the expatriation of at least 2 years.

5.2. d. – be occupying at the moment before the repatriation a since officer or technician in a company abroad, subsidiary or not of a Basque company.

5.2. e. – acquire a commitment to professional stay in the Basque country of at least 4 years.

Each entity or company (or in individual category in cooperation) only be able to receive aid for a hiring of expatriate.

Amount of aid:

The limit of aid shall be fixed at 50% of the gross wage cost consigned in the employment contract of reference and shall not exceed the 35,000 euros.

Financial resources: amount to the amount of 400,000 euros; 200,000 credit payment of 2015 and 200,000 euros of credit commitment to 2016.

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