Regional development in the European Southwest for a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth


The main objective of this European programme co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Development (ERDF) is to support regional development in the Southwest European contributing to the Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Its fields of action are on the one hand the competitiveness and on the other hand the Green and sustainable growth.

Open priorities

The five operational priorities of the program will be open in the framework of this call:

  1. promote innovation capabilities for intelligent and sustainable growth

2 promote the competitiveness and the internationalization of SMEs in European Southwest

3 contribute to greater efficiency of energy efficiency policies

4 prevent and manage risks more effectively

  1. protect the environment and promote the effectiveness of the resources

Geographical scope

The eligible territory of the Sudoe program Interreg consists of the following regions and autonomous cities of the four Member States (Spain, France, Portugal, United Kingdom (Gibraltar)) and a third country (Principality of Andorra):


ES11 Galicia, ss12 Principality of Asturias ES13 Cantabria, Basque country ES21, ES22 Comunidad Foral de Navarra, La Rioja, Aragon ES24, ES23 ES30 of Madrid, ES41 Castilla y León ES42 Castilla – La Mancha ES43 Extremadura, ES51, ES52 Comunidad Valenciana, ES53 Illes Balears, ES61 Andalucía, ES62 región de Murcia ES63 Ciudad Autónoma de Ceuta, ES64 Ciudad Autónoma de Melilla


FR53 Poitou-Charentes, FR61 Aquitaine, FR62 FR63, Midi-Pyrénées Limousin, FR72 FR81, Auvergne Languedoc-Roussillon


PT11 Norte, PT15 Algarve, PT16 Centro (PT), Lisbon PT17 PT18 Alentejo

United Kingdom

UKZZ Gibraltar

Principality of Andorra * AND

Institutions located in regions outside the Sudoe territory may not be beneficiaries of the program.

* Although the Principality of Andorra belongs to the eligible territory of the Sudoe program Interreg, the entities of that territory to participate in projects Sudoe cannot receive ERDF assistance.

The beneficiaries of this call for proposals may include:

I public bodies

  1. public-law bodies

III. private non-profit entities

  1. entities private non-profit or companies

The timetable of implementation of the project:

The period of execution of projects may not exceed 36 months.

Actions must not be terminated on the date of submission of the bid. This condition suggests that a project may have begun on the date of launch of the call for projects and that the partnership has begun to perform the actions provided for in the bid.

For beneficiaries who apply the rules on State aid (see Sheet 7), actions must not have begun at the time of the nomination.

However, projects usually begin their activities when they have been approved by the programming Committee. According to the forecasts made by the bodies of management of the programme on the resolution of the first call, the date of commencement of the projects could be July 1, 2016. This date will be confirmed to the projects that will be allowed to move to the second phase.

The starting date for the eligibility of costs of this call will be the 01 January 2014.

Project preparation costs shall also be eligible the same date.

The period of eligibility of costs of preparation for the first call for projects is as follows: since January 1, 2014, until the close of the second phase of the call.

The budget of the project:

No minimum or maximum amount of the total eligible cost of the project is established. Corresponds to the partnership presented a balanced and realistic budget that is consistent with the activities and expected accomplishments.

After the second phase, in the case that a project has obtained the score needed to be approved by the programming Committee, this can be adjusted downward its financial Plan.

In relation to the minimum amount to respect by the beneficiaries, the minimum amount is 100,000 euros of total eligible expenditure for all entities, except for the companies (beneficiary category IV) for which minimum respect fee is 5,000 euros.

The partners of the project:

The minimum number of beneficiaries which must have a project is of two beneficiaries from at least two participating countries, of which at least one must come from a Member State.

However, at the time of establishing the partnership, potential beneficiaries must take into account that the partnership should be more representative and competent in the sectors concerned and in the territory of the program. Therefore, the will be prioritized projects composed of, at least, two Member States of the European Union participating in the Sudoe programme.

A limit for submission of candidacies for the entities is not set. However, when it comes to instruct the nominations, it shall ensure by administrative and financial capacity of entities involved in the nominations of projects.

Calendar of the call:

  • First phase opened September 21, 2015 until November 6, 2015 at 12 h 00 (local time in Santander)
  • Second phase: provisional date: first quarter 2016

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