R & D program for SMEs


Development of R & D by SMEs.

The program will finance 50% of the ERDF Operational Programme of Valencia 2014-2020 within Axis Priority 1 «Strengthening research, technological development and innovation» Specific Objective 1.2.1 ‘Promotion and promotion R + i led by enterprises, support the creation of innovative companies and support innovative public procurement «.

Supportable performances.

  1. Schemes must also be framed in any of the following supportable actions:

– Industrial research: Planned or critical investigation aimed at acquiring new knowledge and skills that may be useful in developing new products, processes or services, or to improve existing research considerably.

– Experimental development: acquisition, combination, configuration and use of knowledge and techniques -of existing scientific, technological, business or otherwise-kind with a view to developing products, processes or new or improved services; It may also include activities conceptual definition, planning and documentation of new products, processes or services.

  1. Projects must be located in levels TRL (Technology Readiness Levels) from 1 to 7, inclusive. TRLs description will be used by the European Commission, which is attached as a summary:

– TRL 1: Basic principles observed and reported.

– TRL 2: Concept and / or technological application formulated.

– TRL 3: analytical and experimental critical function and / or characteristic proof of concept.                                                                                   – TRL 4: Validation component and / or disposition thereof in laboratory environment.

– TRL 5: Validation component and / or available to them in a relevant environment.

– TRL 6: System model or prototype subsystem or demonstration in a relevant environment.

– TRL 7: System or prototype demonstration in a real environment.

– TRL 8: Complete and certified through tests and demonstrations System.

– TRL 9: successfully tested in a real environment system.

Project requirements.

  1. The eligible project budget must be between 30,000 euros and 175,000 euros and for their calculation should

the sum of amounts considered eligible for assistance. Not be taken into consideration projects with eligible budget is not included in these limits.

  1. The project will mean a new development for the applicant and therefore not before, in whole or in part, by the applicant or connected or engaged in the project nor for any company.

Support features.

  1. Grant repayable calculated as a percentage of the eligible costs with varying intensity depending on the size of company:
  • Small business: up to 40%
  • Medium enterprise: up to 30%

The above intensities may be increased with 5% of the eligible costs if any of the following conditions are met:

– Recruitment of highly qualified and active participation in the project without linking contractual labor issues during the six months prior to the conclusion of the contract. Hiring will occur during project implementation and for a minimum period of twelve months.

It is considered a highly qualified staff who meet any of the following requirements:

  • Degree of Doctor of scientific and technical nature.
  • University degree of scientific and technical nature with a minimum of two years work experience in R & D related with the main discipline of the project.

– Research Recruitment agencies by more than 20% of the eligible costs of the project amount.

– The project is conducted in cooperation with other foreign companies under the European ERANET program.

  1. The maximum aid intensity calculated on the basis of eligible costs may not exceed the maximum intensities allowed by Articles 25 and 28 of Regulation (EU) no. 651/2014 on state aid for R & D, including premiums and in no case may exceed 35% or 45% of maximum intensity, depending on whether a small or medium enterprise, respectively.

Application date: Until April 21, 2016.

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