Promotion of scientific research, technological development and innovation


Aid aims to increase the Valencian system of r & d resources and facilitate the formation, development and the

intercommunication of the research staff, as well as the dissemination of research, the improvement of the level of excellence and strengthening

the competitive capacity of the Valencian system of r & d through the generation of scientific and technological knowledge and the development of technologies promoting their transfer.

Deadline for submission

The deadline for submission of applications will be from 1 to 20 October 2015.

Aid for the recruitment of researchers at pre-doctoral training

The help features

1. The duration of the aid shall be three years. The start date of the contracts will be determined in the resolution of concession. In addition to by the course of time, support ends when you proceed to the defense and defense of the dissertation. Periods enjoyed other scholarships or aid with equal purpose will be deducted from the maximum duration of the contract.

2 annual aid for each of the predoctoral contracts will be 22.192,80 euros, and will necessarily go to finance the wage

and business share of the Social security of researchers hired during each of annuities, considered independently.

The minimum wage remuneration that researchers must receive training during this period, which must be indicated in each contract, will be 16,800 euros gross per year.

  1. the centres may increase charge to their own budgets the amount of aid that is set in this call.
  2. the contract research staff can collaborate in educational tasks in accordance with the rules of the contracting entity.
  3. the resignations that occur up to the date scheduled for its incorporation in the resolution of granting can be covered with

the award of new aid to the following applicants, by the established order of reservation, per area of knowledge, and score, in that resolution. If extinction occurs subsequent to the date of commencement of the term of the contracts, it may be the replacement of the person hired by candidates of the ready reserve, by their order in the same area of knowledge, provided that the contract termination occurs prior to the term which in effect set forth in the resolution of granting of the aid. In these cases, the support period will be time remaining until they complete three years of the originally scheduled duration.

Grants for stays employed pre-doctoral research centres outside the region of Valencia

The help features

  1. the period of realization of the subsidized stay must be between January 1 and December 31, 2016.
  2. the stay must be carried out in a unique research center, based outside of the region of Valencia, preferably in the

overseas, and shall be of a minimum uninterrupted duration of three months and a maximum of nine months, except in the following cases:

(a) stays at research centres in Spain will be a maximum of three months.

(b) where the purpose of the stay is exclusively the bibliographic query or documentary, its duration may not exceed one month.

3 are may not modify requested destination Center granted once the grant, except for reasons of force majeure duly justified.

  1. the scholarships will have the following staffing;

(a) monthly, for expenses for accommodation and Board, of:

-600 euros, when the stay in a center based in Spain.

-800 euros, when the stay is made in a centre based in the rest of Europe.

-1,200 euros, to other countries.

(b) only, for the travel expenses of return to the Centre of destination, of:

-300 euros, while the destination in Europe.

-800 euros, to any destination other than the former.

  1. the realization of the stay for a period of time less than that provided in the resolution of the grant must be justified and will be required to repay a portion of the perceived amount proportional to the not enjoyed the stay period.

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