Promotion of research, development and innovation (RDI)


The present regulatory bases are intended to regulate subsidies aimed at promoting the research, development and technological innovation of the Riojan companies in direct concession. To do so, is intended to promote a series of actions that allow:

(a) increase the competitiveness of our companies through its training and its innovative intensity increased for this purpose, as well as coordinated on sectors and technologies key and strategic action.

(b) the sustainability of actions and investments to be carried out through the stimulation of the demand and supply of r & d, and the appropriate exploitation of the results in new products, services and markets.

(c) increase the collaborative innovation in all fields.

(d) the greater integration and exploitation of synergies within the social challenges of the European area.

(e) give impetus to a more innovative society as a base or starting point for all of the above.

Eligible programs:

1 may be subject to subsidy the following programs:

  1. a) program 1: previous work to the development of r & d projects or the development of intensive r & d organizations.
  2. b) program 2: research and development (r & d) projects.

(c) programme 3: development of projects of innovation in processes and organization.

  1. d) program 4: commissioning and operation of young, innovative companies.
  2. e) programme 5: aid for investment and operation of innovative business groups (AEI).
  3. f) program 6: recruitment of researchers or technologists for the development of r & d projects or tasks.
  4. the projects or eligible actions should be aligned in reasonable shape, with regional strategies Rioja innovation, La Rioja 2020, RIS 3 strategy strategy strategy, and those that could settle; and with applicable national and community strategies.

In any case, these projects or actions must be viable, both technical as economically, taking into account existing capacities or foreseeable future of the beneficiary.

  1. the corresponding announcements will determine programs subject of grant, as well as performances, concepts or eligible expenditure within each program under.

Likewise, the calls may establish requirements to apply for the subsidy and the conditions of the grant and how to accredit them, as well as specify beneficiaries who are eligible for aid referred to each program.

Eligible actions may be carried out in accordance with one of the following forms of participation:

(a) individual participation (individual projects): projects carried out by a single entity, being any of those named as beneficiaries.

(b) participation in cooperation (projects): whose development projects involving more than one of those listed as beneficiaries, which may belong or not to the same type of subjects. In this case, there will be a coordinator of the project which will be one of the participants in the project, which may or may not have the status of beneficiary. The other participants in the project will have the status of beneficiary.

In the respective calls may determine the modalities of participation and, in the case of collective projects, the minimum number of participants, types of subjects, or other specific conditions for the consideration of this type of projects.

Application date: until 30 November 2015.

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