Promote the creation and development of technology-based SMEs and / or Innovadoras

Those projects are eligible for technology-based companies and / or innovative, that have taken a minimum investment of 120,000 euros and turn entail maintenance and / or creation of jobs, within a maximum period of 24 months.

Eligible facts.

Support eligible investment for the purposes of calculating aid, the acquisition of fixed assets that are incorporated into the assets of the company is considered.

  1. b) they are used or brought into use for the first time. In the case concerned the acquisition of buildings and other structures already used, will be treated as new.

Also considered likely to support the acquisition of assets belonging to an establishment provided that it is closed or would have closed had it not been acquired, the assets will be acquired from unrelated third parties, and the operation takes place under market conditions.

  1. c) Have established a minimum payback period of three years, must remain at least three years in the assets of the company.
  1. d) That, in general, they not already disclosed to third parties, with or without consideration.
  1. e) That, in general, they not manufactured by the applicant (company and, in any case, never be counted for more than the consumption of incorporating external) value.
  1. f) not be likely to support contributions to capital in kind from one of the partner people.
  1. g) The investment, financed through leasing shall be considered susceptible of support, provided they are included in the contract explicitly required that the recipient of the aid purchase the asset at the end of the lease or is signed by the parties a document indicating that the beneficiary undertake the purchase option.
  1. h) In no circumstances shall likely to support the replacement investment.
  1. i) Eligible intangible assets will be used exclusively in the establishment of the receiving company will be regarded as a depreciable asset, they will be acquired from a third party at market conditions and must remain in the assets of the company a minimum period of three years .

Regarding industrial groups are likely to support the investments made only in group companies whose processes are linked to the same industrial, mining, processing, production activity, technical services (linked to the product-process) related to the above, with a stake, including that reaches 100%.

Characteristics of repayable aid.

Repayable grant aid may amount to 35% of investment eligible for support, as provided in Article 11, with a maximum of 150,000.00 euros per job created and a limit in no case exceed the amount of 1,500 000.00 euros. When the purpose of making investments is, among others, the maintenance of employment, to grant repayable advance shall not exceed the amount of 100,000.00 euros.

Aid amounts.

SMEs conduct their investments in the municipalities of the Basque Country may choose to:

  1. a) repayable aid 35% of the eligible investment support for small businesses Technology Based considered.
  1. b) refundable aid of 30% of the eligible investment support for medium-sized enterprises Technology Based considered.
  1. c) repayable aid 30% of the eligible investment support for small businesses considered solely Innovadoras.
  1. d) refundable aid of 25% of the eligible investment support for medium-sized enterprises considered solely Innovadoras.

Interest rate: 0

Date solicitude. Until June 23, 2016.

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