Processing and marketing of agricultural and food products, fisheries and aquaculture


Aid for the processing and marketing of agricultural and food products, and products derived from the fisheries and aquaculture. Aid will be adjusted to an investment program, which may be annual or multi-annual, depending on the period of execution of the projects submitted, and the moment at which payments are carried out.

Investments must be active for at least seven years from the granting of the aid in the case of movable property and 10 years in the case of real estate. In case of default the beneficiary must return grant.

Eligible events:

Investments in the processing, marketing or development of agricultural products:

1.-traditional agri-food transformation.

2.-transformation in agri-business.

3.-improve management and quality.

4.-improving the operational structure.

5.-marketing in agri-business.

6.-development of new products and procedures.

7.-commercial studies.

8.-investments in environmental improvements.

Investments in the processing and marketing of forest products:

1.-investments in wood-processing machinery.

2.-investments in commercialization of wood structures.

3.-investments related to the use of wood as a raw material or energy source that correspond to a first treatment thereof prior to the industrial transformations that result in final products and always made on a small scale.

4.-investments in equipment and mobile facilities of sawing of wood, designed to be displaced close to the cutting area. The centers of storage and parks of wood and biomass are excluded.

5.-investments in plant of commercialization for the exhibition and sale of wood classified.

Investments in the processing and marketing of fishery and aquaculture products:

1.-in the area of transformation.

2.-in the field of marketing.

Investment in the agricultural and food industries:


(a) investment projects that increase the productive and commercial dimension of the company to compete effectively in local and global environments.

(b) investment projects for the development of new product ranges that meet future consumer demands and the food of the future.

(c) investment projects for the modernization of production processes, integration of new technologies, as well as the improvement of the management and organization of companies through the incorporation of new techniques and management tools.

(d) investment projects intended for saving of materials, water and energy, as well as the minimization of waste, discharges and emissions.

(e) projects involving the installation in the autonomous community of Euskadi of leading agricultural companies, subsectors with deficit of processing and/or marketing, or sub-sectors with growth potential.


  1. a) investment projects that increase the quality and food safety, and identify and know where to specialize target market segments, as well as their needs and trends.

(b) investment projects aimed at the incorporation of e-business tools to improve competitiveness and to stay in the market.

(c) investment projects for the improvement of the marketing of their food products and access to new markets, especially international ones.

Application date: until October 7, 2015.

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