Loans Jeremie-Igape


Constatadas important financing needs presented by small and medium enterprises in Galicia, especially smaller ones, to undertake productive investment projects in Galicia, the Directorate General of Projects and European Funds and the Galician Institute of Economic Promotion (IGAPE ) propose the establishment of a financial instrument, co-financed with funds from the 2007-2013 ERDF operational program in order to facilitate access to credit to those projects that are economically viable difficult access to funding or comparatively higher costs.

Characteristics of projects to be financed.

The Igape may finance through loans business investment projects to be implemented in the Autonomous Community of Galicia which meet the following requirements:
twenty-one. The project must present a bankable investment exceeding € 100,000 and less than or equal to € 1.5 million.
2.2. The eligible projects will have to demonstrate their technical, economic, financial viability and, where appropriate, environmental, and must be the creation of a new establishment, extension of existing establishment, diversification of production an establishment into new additional products or a fundamental change in the overall production process of an existing establishment. No mere replacements shall be eligible goods, transportation and production centers which do not improve the productive capacity and competitiveness, depreciation charges, sanitation accounts, financing or refinancing of debt, pay taxes and those affected by specific limitations of the ERDF operational program.
2. 3. Shall be eligible investments and expenditures that meet the requirements of these rules, incurred and paid after filing the application and within the time allowed for implementation of the project.
2.4. fundable activities without prejudice to the multi-sectoral and horizontal regulatory bases as a whole respected, bankable projects on the amount of investment will in any case be linked to any economic activity that is not among the excluded as listed in Annex II in these rules, regardless of any other that also performs the applicant.
2.5. The fund established for the granting of the loans covered by these rules will be financed 80% by the European Regional Development Fund under the Feder Galicia 2007-2013 Axis 2, priority item 2.08, showing 2 operational program and borrower is subject to the reporting obligations and dissemination laid down in EU regulations.

Loan characteristics.

Amount of funding: the loan amount will be between a minimum of € 70,000 and a maximum of 1,050,000 €, not in any case exceed 70% of the eligible investment, and the amount thereof outstanding.

Application date: Until March 31, 2016.

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