Job-generating productive investment


Is the subject of this order regulate the program to boost the areas margin left estuary of the Nervión and Oiartzualdea of the autonomous community of the Basque country, program Indartu, for the granting of subsidies to companies that make job-generating productive investment, in the areas margin left ría del Nervión and Oiartzualdea of the autonomous community of the Basque country they involve a significant amount of employment generation, in the terms laid down in this standard.

Eligible events:

On the basis of that decision, are areas margin left ría del Nervión and Oiartzualdea of the autonomous community of Basque country:

Oiartzualdea (Gipuzkoa), composed of the following municipalities: Errenteria, Pasaia, Lezo, Oiartzun, Hondarribia, Irun and Hernani.

Laugh of the Nervión (Bizkaia), composed of the following municipalities: Sestao, Muskiz, Ortuella, Valle de Trápaga, Abanto, Zierbana, Portugalete, Santurtzi, Barakaldo, Alonsotegi and Erandio.

Big companies, must make a minimum permitted investment of 3 M euros and achieving a minimum 20 net job creation; SMEs, must make a minimum permitted investment from 750.000,00 euros and achieving a minimum 5 net job creation. Investments of companies which, although they do not reach the minimum permitted investment indicated previously, generate a minimum of 100 jobs, in the case of large companies, and a minimum of 25 net jobs, in the case of SMEs will also be considered.

The own resources of the company, excluding grants, reach, at least 25% of the amount of the investment considered likely to support.

Both investments as to consider job creation must be carried out by a single legal entity, and in the case of enterprise groups, with 100% shareholding, which have several production centres, only the production facility or production centres that comply with the criteria of this standard and are subject to investment.

Beneficiary companies must substantiate its technical, economic and financial viability.

Eligible expenditure:

-203 Industrial property and patent.

-206 computer applications.

-210 land and natural resources.

-211 constructions.

-212 technical facilities.

-213 machinery.

-214 tooling.

-215 other facilities.

-217 teams to information processes.

Investment in «Land and natural resources» and «Constructions» will be considered by a maximum amount equal to the rest of the assets subject to support. In the case of exceed such maximum amount, over investment not counted as likely to support investment.

In any case, the assets must be directly related to the activity that constitutes the corporate purpose of the company.

It will be considered as price of the assets ‘net’ value, meaning the amount invoiced once deducted the value added tax.

They are used or come into operation for the first time. You will also be likely to support both the acquisition of assets belonging to an establishment, provided that this is closed, either assets that come from an establishment which have not been acquired by a third party under market conditions, would have closed. In the event that in the case of the acquisition of buildings and other constructions already used, they will have new treatment.

Have established a minimum three-year period, and must remain, at least three years in the assets of the company.

That not you are transferred to a third party, with or without consideration.

(e) which have not been manufactured by the applicant company and, in any case, never be computed by a value greater than the external consumption that incorporate.

(f) contributions to capital in kind by one of the partners will be susceptible to support.

(g) the investment, financed by leasing shall be considered susceptible of support, provided the Company undertakes expressly to exercise the respective purchase option.

(h) in any case of replacement investment means likely to support.

(i) the eligible immaterial assets must be exploited exclusively in the establishment of the beneficiary, should be considered depreciable asset items, must be purchased from third parties under market conditions, and must remain in the assets of the company for a minimum period of three years.

The investments from the acquisition of assets to companies associated or related, must be expressly indicated in the application and will be evaluated based on audits of external control.


Subsidies granted in the framework of the present order shall take the form of non-refundable grant and will be 10% of the susceptible to support investment.

Grants will have a maximum limit which in no case shall exceed the amount of Euro 3.000.000,00 per company.

Application date: until October 15, 2015.

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