Investment in transport and efficient mobility


1.1. the Department of economic development and competitiveness in accordance with the objectives of the energy policy of the Basque Government aims to contribute, by means of the necessary public pulse, to increase efficiency in energy consumption, contributing to the achievement of a more competitive, more sustainable and safer energy system, decreasing the environmental impact, require less energy for consumption or production and reduce dependence on external resources.

Thus, during the last decade have been developed various initiatives including the granting of incentives for investments that contribute to the saving and energy efficiency.

That is why this programme with the aim of promoting actions that pursue the rationalization of energy consumption and the reduction of the dependence on oil in the transport of goods and the mobility of the people through the promotion of investments, projects or plans to transfer towards more efficient modes of transport is published , the use of

renewable energies, the use of more energy efficient technologies and the availability of the necessary infrastructures of electric recharge and supply of alternative fuels territory of the autonomous community of the Basque country (in later «Basque country»).

1.2. the aid granted within the framework of this programme shall be regarded as repayable subsidies.

Eligible actions:

MEASURE 1 acquisition of vehicles and mobile, electric or alternative fuel material

  • This measure includes the following lines:

or line 1.1: pure electric light vehicles, electric or plug-in hybrids of autonomy expanded.

or line 1.2: motorcycles and electric scooters.

or line 1.3: bio-ethanol E-85 flexible light vehicles.

or line 1.4: light natural gas vehicles.

or line 1.5: transforming light vehicles to natural gas.

or line 1.6: light of hydrogen vehicles.

or line 1.7: heavy electric hybrid and pure plug-in vehicles.

or line 1.8: no plug-in electric hybrid heavy vehicles.

or line 1.9: hydrogen fuel cell-driven heavy vehicles.

or line 1.10: heavy (CNG or LNG) natural gas-driven vehicles.

or line 1.11: transformations of heavy-duty natural gas vehicles.

or line 1.12: natural gas or electric rolling stock.

MEASURE 2 installation of recharging of electric vehicles and alternative fuel supply infrastructure

  • This measure includes the following lines:

or line 2.1: recharging points linked to fleets of vehicles.

or line 2.2: recharging points related in house parking.

or line 2.3: use public charging points.

or line 2.4: biofuels, natural gas, or hydrogen supply facilities.

MEASURE 3 promotion of the use of the bike as means of transport • this measure includes the following lines:

or line 3.1: (electric) pedal-assist bicycles.

or line 3.2: promotion of the use of the bicycle in the workplace.

or line 3.3: public bicycle rental systems.

or line 3.4: secure bicycle parking.

MEASURE 4 transport fleet management

  • This measure includes the following lines:

or line 4.1: fleet management audits.

or line 4.2: technological systems and fleet management applications.

or line 4.3: audits of fuels.

MEASURE 5 pilot projects and unique performances

  • This measure includes the line:

or line 5.1: pilot projects and unique performances.

The funding for this programme of aid amounts to one million (1,000,000) euros.

Executed and invoiced between January 1, 2015 and 31 December 2015.

Application date: October 31, 2015.

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