Investment in industrial SMEs


The purpose of these grants is to promote productive investment projects by Navarre SMEs with the aim of improving its competitive position.

Eligible investments:

1 are eligible investments which meet the following requirements:

(a) are included in any of the following types of investments:

  1. acquisition of land for industrial use.

2nd construction, acquisition or improvement of immovable property.

3rd purchase or lease purchase of machinery and equipment, up to the market value of the product.

(4th overall costs, related paragraphs a) 2. and a) 3. earlier, such as fees of architects, engineers and consultants,

including feasibility studies.

(b) made in Navarre and are used exclusively in the beneficiary establishment of support.

(c) contribute directly to the achievement of the objective or purpose raised in the project.

(d) the costs of the investment must be subsequent to the date of application for aid.

(e) comply with costs moderating. To do this, when the amount of eligible investment expenditure exceeds the amount of 12,000 euros (VAT excluded) in the event of supply of goods of equipment or provision of services by companies of consultancy or assistance, or 30,000 euros (VAT excluded) in the event of cost per execution, the beneficiary shall complete the section of the application form called ‘Justification of the choice of provider’.

At the same it will accredit that the choice of the supplier has been with criteria of efficiency and economy, attaching to it a minimum of three bids and justifying the choice of the selected tender. If the election does not coincide with the planned initially, must demonstrate that it has made with criteria of efficiency and economy in the justification of the grant.

The beneficiary shall be exempted for the submission of three tenders, when warranted that, by the special characteristics of the expenditure

eligible, does not exist in the market sufficient number of entities that provide it or pay.

(f) is activated in the fixed assets of the company in the project specific and identifying accounts.

  1. the acquisition of assets by financial leasing will be eligible when your object is the acquisition of fixed assets

new, except real estate and works and installations associated with them and provided that the Company undertakes to exercise the option of purchase of the goods. Apart from the lessor, interest refinancing costs, overheads and insurance costs are not eligible.

  1. not eligible are the following investments:

(a) Sumptuary investments.

(b) the resulting disproportionate at the discretion of the managing body of grants for the purpose or object of the project.

(c) the works for fixed assets made by company staff.

(d) fixed assets that have previously been supported by the administration of Navarra, except for the creation of social economy companies from companies that have previously closed.

Application date: the deadline for the submission of applications will be until October 31, 2015.


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