Internationalization and launch of new products


Is the object of subsidies referred to in the present regulatory basis promote the internationalization

Guipuzcoan companies through the promotion and the promotion of productive establishments abroad, as well as marketing and launching in the international market of new products.

Eligible actions:

Investment in productive establishments in the creation, expansion or acquisition of subsidiaries with participation

majority, in countries not belonging to the European Union.

Actions in relation to the marketing and international launch of new products, consider the following expenses for works and services contracted externally-oriented countries of the project:

-Significant actions of marketing and commercialization involving broadcasting, marketing, promotion, presence in fairs, congresses or events, or similar performances, which are directly intended to offer new products

in the international markets. Outside the European Union are understood as international markets.

Whenever they join marketing and marketing actions, expenses may be considered for work and

external services for the actions:

-Works in product design, realization of prototypes and pre-series, production engineering, industrialization,

approvals, certifications of quality, testing, all referred to international markets.

-Patent applications, including study and counseling. Registration of trademark, trade names. All

This is aimed at international markets.

In the case that the company submit more than one request, will support a single project for each line of aid; that is,

It will be a single project regarding implementations and a single project in relation to the international launch of new products.

In each of the proceedings in his case will support the project of company that is best appreciated.


Amount: The maximum grant per project is set at €100,000.00.


Financial resources: 1,500,000 euros.


Application date: until 23 July 2015.

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