Increasing access to and the presence of SMEs in Bizkaia in international markets, supporting their export action
new countries.
For this purpose it provides grants to beneficiary entities.

Eligible facts.

projects of SMEs in Bizkaia productive sectors or delivery shall be considered as eligible for subsidy
services pursuing the introduction of the company in a new country can finish the project in the creation of a trade delegation from the company.
Not be considered new that country in which any of the following circumstances:
– The company’s delegation in the country.
– The average sales of the last three years the country has been more than 5% of total company sales.

Maximum requests
Each entity may submit to the same call to a maximum of two applications.
Each application must correspond to a project aimed at one country.

Eligible costs.

1. The following expenses are considered eligible:
a) Personnel expenses.
a.1) Cost (salary + social security contributions) of regular staff of the company directly linked to the project being subsidized, during the days of stay in the country of destination, whether because of travel or because the staff assigned to that country.
a.2) New recruitment of technical staff specializing in foreign trade for the purpose of joining the department export of the company or organization thereof.
The requirements of the person hired will be:
– Be less than 35 years from the date of execution of the contract.
– Possess qualification or higher level or equivalent or title of Senior Technician in International Trade issued by an official training center.
– Possess experience in foreign trade of at least one year. It shall be deemed to have this experience in the following cases:
• it Has been a beneficiary of a grant foreign trade of an official body.
• Have worked in the foreign trade department of a company.
Excluded hiring technical personnel who have worked in the company during the year prior to the signing of contract and those who are relatives of first or second degree of members of the board of directors, the managerial or individuals with participation in the capital of the company staff.
Contract requirements are as follows:
– The contract must be working full-time for a minimum period of one year.
– The minimum gross annual salary of 18,000 euros.
Shall be subject to grant wage and social security costs of the company costs.
a) Travel and accommodation:
Travel expenses and accommodation of regular staff defined in a.1) and a.2) above, traveling to the project country, excluding the maintenance.
Travel of staff other than those mentioned in the preceding paragraph template may be eligible, provided that understand justified the need for them to carry out the project.
b) outsourcing contracts necessary for the project, including, among others, the following:
– Expenditure on staff training company on internationalization: be allowed as eligible expenditure
enrollment in courses or seminars offered by the Chamber of Commerce of Bilbao or other public bodies in order to train and educate personnel staff on issues directly related to the internationalization of the company, excluding language courses.
– Internationalization Plan Development.
– Hiring professionals in destination countries, either by position or by their knowledge of tissue Business and political-bureaucratic local facilitate the enhancement of the company in these countries and its introduction directly, quickly and efficiently.
– Hiring professionals for representation or any other commercial work in the destination country that are not part of the staff of the company.
– External advice regarding entry strategy, country selection, taxation, market research, feasibility, approvals and certifications and any other necessary for the project.
– Promotion and advertising through any means.
– Expenses required for the creation of the trade delegation in the country of destination.
– Any other expenses directly attributable to the project being subsidized and duly justified not expressly excluded by this Decree.


Grant aid are non-refundable grants, the maximum amount will be 60,000 euros per beneficiary.
Score Project: Grant Rate
100 to 60 60%
Less than 50% 60-30
Less than 30 0%

With minimal costs € 15,000.

Application date: Until March 21, 2016.

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