Innovative projects in bioenergy

The financing of innovative projects in bioenergy industry-led. In this way, it aims to encourage the development of bioenergy projects, improving the confidence of private investors in technology and increasing the production of renewable energy in the European Union.

The countries participating in this initiative are Denmark, Finland, Poland, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands and the UK.

Thematic proposals

BESTF3 aims to provide financial support to innovative pre-commercial projects in the field of bioenergy that foster collaboration and industry-led.

Projects must relate to one or more of the 7 value chains identified as priorities in the European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative:

Synthetic liquid fuels and / or hydrocarbons and mixture components through gasification.
Bio-methane and other synthetic biomass through gasification gas fuel.
High heat generation and energy efficiency through the gasification of biomass.
Bioenergy carriers via other thermochemical processes (pyrolysis, roasting).
Ethanol and other alcohols from lignocellulosic feedstock through fermentation.
Renewable hydrocarbons through biological and / or chemical from biomass rich in carbohydrate synthesis.
Bioenergy carriers from CO2 and sunlight by producing microorganisms based on improved fuels and bio-products with high added value.

Date of application: Until February 29, 2016.

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