Incorporation of the human capital research


Object of this order is the development of the system of aid for the incorporation of the human capital research in companies and agents of the Basque network of science, technology and innovation, through non-refundable grants for the recruitment of researchers.

Eligible events:

Shall grant the hiring of researchers dedicated to the r & d projects carried out the beneficiary entities.

For the purposes of this order, means r & d project, as defined in the Community framework for State aid for research and development and innovation (2014/c 198 / 01), the operation which includes activities that encompass one or several categories defined research and development, also in the framework, fundamental research, research

Industrial and Experimental Development.

1.-beneficiary entities must be duly justified the need for recruitment of research staff to develop r & d activities carried out.

2.-the hiring of the investigating person must be carried out in the production centre of the Basque country where will develop its research activity.

3.-r & d activities should develop directly by the beneficiary entities in its facilities in the Basque country.

4.-the research person to hire, for the purposes of this order, shall meet the following requirements:

(a) for enterprises and business associations: must have university degree and a demonstrable professional experience related with minimum 2 years r & d projects; Alternatively, it will have the title of doctor or doctor.

(b) for the RVCTI agents: shall have the title of doctor or doctor.

5.-recruitment must be carried out under conditions of quality ensuring remuneration according to the contracted person’s profile. In this sense, stipulates a cost (understood as gross pay more social security business cost) annual minimum of:

(a) 20,000 euros to research someone with 2 years experience,

(b) 40,000 euros for investigating someone with over 10 years of experience and/or the title of doctor or doctor.

6.-in addition, the new hires shall comply with the following:

(a) the first contract that will formalize the investigating person with the entity must be carried out in the year of the call which arises and will have a minimum duration of 12 months.

(b) not eligible contracts made with investigating someone who comes from a research team of a company in the Basque country whose contract has been previously funded by the maximum of three periods.

(c) the beneficiary entities must prove that they have not had a contractual link between labour issues with the investigating person nominated in the 12 months prior to the conclusion of the contract.

(d) the beneficiary entities may submit a maximum of 3 people to hire, and must indicate the order of preference, ensuring that there is a balanced presence of women and men with training, competence and adequate preparation.

(e) shall be reserved at least 2 places for the hiring of people with disabilities equal to or greater than 33%.

Amount of aid:

Aid granted to each beneficiary for each engagement can attain the following percentages:

(a) business:

(1) 60% for SMEs.

(2) 50% rest of companies: great and business associations.

(b) the RVCTI agents: 50%.

(c) the maximum amount of grant for each eligible recruitment, shall not exceed the following amounts:

1) 18,000 euros for a research person with minimum 2 years research experience.

(2) 30,000 euros to research someone with over 10 years of research experience or with the title of doctor or doctor.

(3) the prize money destined to the financing of each category of beneficiary will reach to respond to requests that are approved in the terms set forth in the preceding paragraph, following the order of priority resulting in the evaluation of applications referred to in article 10, until the exhaustion of budget credit.

Execution date: 2015 contract.

Application date: until 18 December 2015.

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