Improving the competitive positioning of the company


This program aims to support individual or in cooperation projects, which serve to define and plan diversification strategies in product, service and / or oriented to favor significantly improving the competitive position of the beneficiary entities market.

Done eligible:

  1. Will the status of actions eligible for the implementation of individual projects or in cooperation, which serve to define and plan diversification strategies in product, service and / or oriented to favor significantly improving the competitive position of the beneficiary entities market .

Projects focused on the definition and planning strategies that allow for diversification, among others, and a guide are regarded as eligible:

– Increase penetration in existing markets through increased turnover among current customers or attracting new clientele.

– Develop new markets by opening additional markets, attraction of other market sectors and / or designing new distribution policies and positioning.

– Identify, evaluate and select opportunities and conceptually design new products and services or improving existing ones, both for existing markets to new markets.

– Define and develop support systems intraemprendimiento that will generate new business units or creating new companies (start-up).

Among others, as a guide, not regarded as eligible, actions that may be classified as R & D, acquisition and implementation of software, project management improvement in different areas, corporate strategic plans, marketing plans and communication, and internationalization plans, deployments abroad and the creation of export consortia and especially the actions that are included in other programs SPRI and the Basque Government aimed at supporting the deployment of actions of internationalization, investment, I + D, Information Society, etc. (Eg: Global Lehian, Gauzatu, Hazitek, Basque Industry 4.0, digitala Industry, Innobideak-Lehiabide, Innobideak Pertsonak).

  1. Each call of this program may be submitted only one project per company, individually or in cooperation with others.
  2. The execution of projects will start after the electronic filing of the Request for Assistance, within the calendar year of the call and done before the period of twelve months from the date of commencement of the project and in any case, finalizing the project before October 13, 2017.
  3. Projects must be executed and implemented at least in the / activity centers of the Basque Country.

Amount of aid:

  1. The aid under this call will be implemented in the form of grants, in the following percentages of eligible expenses:
  2. a) Individual projects. 50% of eligible project costs, to a maximum grant of 45,000 euros per company.
  3. b) Projects in cooperation. 60% of eligible project costs referred to in Article 7, paragraphs a, b and c, with a maximum of 35,000 euros per company and a maximum of 100,000 euros for the whole of the companies included in the cooperation project. No applicant company may take, individually, more than 70% of the external costs associated with the project, except for the cost of hiring agents sector, business or territorial nature relating exclusively to the task of energizing, coordination and processing of project. These costs may be borne 100% by a single company.
  4. In addition to the cooperation projects that have the assistance of an agent sector, business or territorial basis for dynamic tasks, coordination and processing, the allowable amount for this concept to the whole project will amount to a maximum of 10,000 euros.

Application date:

Until September 28, 2016.

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