Implementation abroad


Avalmadrid committed to the internationalisation of SMEs in Madrid and, therefore has an international line that helps and allows SMEs in other countries, thus, facilitating trade and export.

Workable investment

Asset investments fixed made outside the national territory, such as:

-Investment in facilities for productive, logistical or commercial activities outside of Spain can be considered fixed assets. Also the aimed to finance investments in facilities in Spain provided that it can be justified properly that they are intended to increase export activity.

-Reform and development works.

-Machinery and equipment.

-Computer applications.

-Start-up costs.


-Current linked to the investment.

Type of financing


-Cash loan



-Preferential financial conditions: bonus of all financial costs

-Maximum amount: up to 600,000 euros

-Repayment term: up to 10 years

-Social participation: subscription and payment of a percentage of the amount of funding depending on the product, recoverable to the cancellation of the operation.

Time: 2015

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