ICEX-NEXT: strategic advice to Spanish SMEs

Accelerate and consolidate the international growth of Spanish SMEs do not export or exporting non-consolidated having a competitive project.


ICEX Next has a total of 60 hours of advice customized to companies (30 hours mandatory 30 hour optional), provided by experts selected by ICEX in different areas of internationalization and external competitiveness.

Advice: 60 hours

  • Strategic advice and other advisory services that facilitate the development and consolidation of the sales network at destination.
  • Expert advice for the improvement of the international competitiveness of SMEs.

The company may, depending on its model of business abroad and the degree of development of its international strategy, choose those experts that are most useful from among those available in the program.

ICEX NEXT also offers the possibility of technology consultants selected for the program made the company a «Digital business model analysis» available to participating companies.

The program also supports promotion expenses so that companies can implement the planned internationalization strategy.

Firms benefiting from this programme will benefit from other support included within the services Club Next.


SMEs Spanish companies with export potential that want to start or strengthen their international strategy, which meet the following requirements:

  • Company with product, service or brand.
  • Companies with export potential and whose export does not exceed 35 of its turnover.
  • Companies that have qualified and committed to the implementation of the project of internationalization of the company.
  • Companies with financial capacity for the implementation of a project to export that allows positioning the company on the outside.
  • Companies requiring advice to develop push its market access strategy and its plan of business destinations.
  • Companies who have not participated before in programmes of initiation of ICEX.

The economic resources are of 4.500.000 euros.

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