Global Innovation Line

The purpose of the Global Innovation Line (LIG) is to finance investment projects in innovation and incorporation of innovative technology [1] for the growth and internationalization of enterprises to develop their activities in Spain, both in facilities located in Spain and abroad.

These projects involve the incorporation and adaptation of technologies to suit the requirements of new markets, improve competitive position of the company and generate additional added value.

In any case, even if the investment project can mean the internationalization of business activities, reinforce, ultimately, the value added activities that take place in Spain and can not be a relocation of an activity that the company develops in Spain.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) [2] and mid-cap (midcaps) [3]. Investments abroad may vehicular through joint ventures consolidated accounts provided that the Spanish company or through subsidiaries, branches and establishments abroad.


Eligible entries

  • Acquisition of new fixed assets related to innovation which will be implemented.
  • Outsourcing and subcontracting.
  • Audit costs.

Investments and expenses must be incurred after the date of filing of the application for funding. In the case of overseas investment funding was granted to the Spanish company but the execution correspond to the subsidiary or joint venture incorporated abroad.


Features Support

Minimum Project Budget: 667,000 euros.
Maximum Project Budget: 10,000,000 euros.
Project duration: maximum 24 months.

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