Financing of productive investment and liquidity operations


This call for proposals aims to regulate the granting of aid to entrepreneurs and micro-enterprises, for the year of 2015 small and medium enterprises of the Illes Balears having approved beneficiary financial funds from operations of agreements or agreements between the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands and the European Investment Bank (EIB) or another European institution, backed by ISBA, SGR, intended to finance new investments for liquidity, or productive formalised between December 1, 2014 and on 30 November 2015. Aid intended to cover the interests of financial operations and, where appropriate, the cost of the bond formed with ISBA, SGR.


2.1 can be physical or legal persons of private aid beneficiaries, domiciled or performing a project investment in the Illes Balears, which meet the requirements of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and that they formed between December 1, 2014 and on 30 November 2015 financial operations that comply with any of the following requirements:

  1. to) Fund projects of investments of SMEs, provided that they become production centres located in the Illes Balears.

(b) that it finance for financing operations of liquidity of SMEs, whose main activity is carried out in production centres

located in the Illes Balears.

Aid to cover the interests of finalists for new productive investments financial operations:

4.1. the amount of each aid will be equivalent to 1 point of interest when financing is finalist for productive investments that carry out SMEs.

However, the help will be equivalent to 2 points when so provides expressly in the agreement or agreement between the community

Autonomous of the Illes Balears and the European Investment Bank or another European institution, and in the following cases:

(a) investments made by entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs.

(b) investments made by women entrepreneurs.

(c) micro-credit for autonomous investment, cooperatives and social economy.

(d) investments in innovation (ICT).

(e) investments of internationalization.

The amount of aid for every 1,000.00 euros of loan for each category of term and lack is that specified in annex 2 of this call.

Where the term amortization or lack of operation exceed the modalities established in annex 2, will apply by default the most favorable lower mode.

In any case, subsequent novation of the financial operation backed, with establishment of more dilated deadlines in time, may Suppose an increase in the aid granted to cover the interests or the cost of the guarantee.

4.2. the maximum amount of loan on which the aid is calculated is 375,000 euros per beneficiary, with the maximum of seven

first year term, regardless which are carried out in one or more financial transactions or that the term or the amount can exceed this figure.

  1. aid to cover the cost of the ISBA, SGR aval

5.1. in order to benefit from this aid, the financial operations of credit mediators formalized with the beneficiaries have to necessarily have a backing of ISBA, SGR.

5.2. the amounts of aid to cover the cost of the guarantees of the financial operations that to use this call are the following:

-100% of the cost of the guarantee the first year, with the limitation of 1.25% on the amount of the guarantee

-50% from the second to the fourth year, with the limitation of 0.75% on the amount of the guarantee.

However, in the case of financial transactions aimed at investments, where the applicant is an entrepreneur or woman

entrepreneur, or operation apply to investment in internationalization, (ICT), micro-credits for investment in independent innovation,

economy social or cooperative, will be financed 100% of the cost of the guarantee during the year of the original operation.

Application date: until December 4, 2015.

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