Extraordinary Dotación de 95,6 million euros of I+D+i

The funds will be allocated to the calls of human resources and research projects

The Council of Ministers has approved the granting of a special of € 95.6 million credit for the Science, technology and innovation. These funds will be allocated to strengthen calls for r & d in the State Plan of Scientific and technical research and innovation 2013-2016, managed by the Ministry of economy and competitiveness.

With these new resources the Government maintains its commitment for r & d, aware of its importance for economic growth. The Secretary of State of r & d budgets increased 10% items earmarked for direct aid in 2014 (the first rise since 2009). In addition, supplements of credits that have been awarded in recent years a total of 364 million euros. This commitment has allowed Spain keep these years among the ten countries with greater scientific production in the world.

The Secretary of State for r & d will improve with this supplement announcements human resources and to promote research projects, through competitive, projects of research and innovation, as well as other activities whose results represent an advancement of knowledge.

These 95.6 million euros help to maintain the level of public funding in r & d and increase the competitiveness of the business fabric of our country. The Secretary of State’s r & d soon published the annual Plan of action 2015, which include:

(a) training contracts, in its different stages, and support the incorporation of r & d personnel in the system;

(b) aid to encourage mobility;

(c) aid for r & d projects distributed, in function of its objectives, in various State subprogrammes;

(d) aid to finance programmes of strategic research in collaboration presented by companies and other institutions of the public sector r & d;

(e) aid of distinct ─de dynamic duration and caracteristicas─ aimed at users of the Spanish system of science, technology and innovation to achieve specific strategic objectives linked to the State Plan.

Commitment of expenditure

The Council of Ministers has also approved the lifting of limits to purchase commitments of expenditure charged to future periods, which It allows the amount granted for actions in r & d have continuity in the coming years.

More information: www.idi.mineco.gob.es

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