Era-Nets: DemoWind and WaterWorks

Joint calls for proposals for funding transnational projects of technological cooperation of the two new ERA-NETs COFUND Demowind and Waterworks, in which the CDTI participates together with other European partners.


Network dedicated to reducing costs of offshore wind energy. The joint call for this initiative is addressed to transnational consortia led by the industry with at least two entities independent of two participating countries and has a budget of 31 million euros, provided by six countries together with the European Commission (EC).


Network focused on the technological challenges of the water within the framework of the initiative of programming joint WATER JPI. The award is dedicated to the development of technological solutions and services for water systems. It is addressed to transnational consortia of at least three entities independent of the three participating countries and has a total budget of 16 million euros, provided by 15 countries together with the EC, including the Spanish participation of Ministry of economy and competitiveness (MINECO) and CDTI.

Aid offered to the calls of Demowind and Waterworks will be grant, with individualized according to the actual fundable project cost, amount characteristic of the beneficiary and available budget, respecting the maximum intensity in accordance with the General block exemption regulation by category (60 for small businesses, 50 for medium-sized enterprises, 40 for large companies).

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