Energy saving and efficiency in industry

This order is to establish the regulatory bases and the announcement for 2016, on a competitive basis, public aid for energy saving and efficiency in the public and industrial sector, thereby promoting energy saving and efficiency in these sectors .

Improvement of the industrial process

Performances and eligible costs.
1. The following are eligible for assistance investments in equipment or systems of the production process, including ancillary necessary for its operation, aimed at achieving energy savings and increased energy efficiency of these processes, using, for this purpose, technologies high efficiency to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, developed in Castilla-La Mancha.
2. Eligible costs corresponding to investments in equipment, new facilities and systems of consumption and / or transformation of energy in the production process, technical projects necessary for this purpose, assembly and commissioning and associated civil works draft.

Amount of the subsidy.
The amount of the subsidy is 30% of eligible costs (excluding VAT), with a limit of 50,000 euros per beneficiary and program.

Energy audits in industry

Performances and eligible costs.
1. The eligible embodiments of energy audits of industrial processes developed in Castilla-La Mancha, whose purpose is to determine the energy savings potential of these facilities and to facilitate investment decisions in energy savings. energy audits to production lines or production processes may be performed without audit the overall system. These audits should include the minimum content laid down in Annex IV.
2. Companies that eventually carry out the audits must demonstrate proven experience in the realization of the same in the industrial sector. This experience will be credited by providing at least a certificate of satisfactory execution issued by the agency or public entity or private enterprise on which that performed.
3. Eligible costs shall be considered conducting such audits, and the costs thereof such as, data collection and preparation of relevant technical documentation. Not eligible those audits that were previously subsidized by the Regional Government of Castile-La Mancha.

Amount of the subsidy.
The amount of the subsidy is 60% of eligible costs (excluding VAT) per beneficiary program.

Application date: Until March 7, 2016.

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