Energy efficiency and renewable energies, environmental protection, saving

Specific conditions:

(a) purpose of the aid.

Promotion of renewable energies, saving and energy efficiency and the protection of the environment, creating incentives aimed at achieving a business energy and climate sustainable and integrated policy, to achieve higher levels of protection of the environment while it encourages companies to innovate, advance and evolve strategically placed in competitive positions.

(b) type of projects.

-Programme 1: Projects that allow to increase the level of environmental protection in enterprises.

-Program 2: Saving and energy efficiency projects.

-Program 3: High-efficiency cogeneration.

-Program 4: Projects of energy from renewable sources.

-Program 5: Projects for the management of waste.

-Program 7: Environmental studies directly linked to investments.

The project will describe the improvement energy and/or environmental objectives in a technical report, whose minimum content shall conform to the specimen appearing as annex I to this call.

(c) program 1: aid for projects that allow to increase the level of environmental protection in enterprises, such as:-projects for the treatment of gaseous and liquid effluents (sewage treatment plants, incinerators regenerative, etc.).

-Projects for the reduction of emission of noise and vibrations into the environment.

-Improvement projects in own waste treatment and management…

  1. d) program 2: grants for projects of energy saving and efficiency, such as:

-Projects to improve the energy efficiency of existing thermal plants.

-Projects to improve the energy efficiency of existing lighting installations.

-Projects to improve the energy efficiency of processes, facilities and/or energy consuming production equipment…

  1. e) program 3: aid for high-efficiency cogeneration projects

-New cogeneration units.

-The improvement of existing cogeneration units. f) program 4: aid for the realisation of projects of energy from renewable sources, such as:

-Wind energy projects.

-Solar energy projects.

-Energy aerothermic projects.

-Geothermal energy projects.

(-Hydrothermal energy projects… g) 5 program: aid for the realization of projects for the management of waste.

-Projects of prevention, reuse and recycling of waste from other companies.

-Projects of reuse or recycling of water or minerals from third parties which would otherwise be unused waste.

-Other projects and measures allowing the waste treatment of third parties according to procedures more respectful of the environment. (h) program 7: aid for environmental studies directly linked to investments.

-Energy audits.

-Feasibility studies and other environmental studies.

Application date: until 30 November 2015.

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