Tic's, competitiveness, renewable energy and energy efficiency

Tic’s aids, improving competitiveness, renewable energy and energy efficiency


  1. This order is to establish the rules for the LEADER support for the implementation of operations under the local development strategies (hereinafter EDLP) in the Autonomous Community of Aragon, in 2014-2020, ofaccordance with the provisions applicable to support for rural development by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (hereinafter the EAFRD) and the Rural Development Programme (hereinafter PDR) of Aragon 2014-2020.
  1. The aid LEADER governing this order apply submeasure Aragon 19.2 RDP 2014-2020, the same name that the aid, which includes actions to encourage job creation, economic diversification and improving the quality of life in the Aragonese countryside.

Eligible activities.

The eligible the following activities related to the program areas established in selected EDLP according to the Order of October 30, 2015, the Minister for Rural Development and Sustainability:

  1. a) Improved accessibility to information and communications technology (Tic’s) and their use in rural areas, to private agents.
  2. b) Improving competitiveness of SMEs.
  3. c) Production of renewable energy consumption and energy efficiency of companies.

Eligible costs.

  1. a) The construction, acquisition, leasing or improvement of a building that is affection for the purpose for which the performance is subsidized.
  2. b) The purchase or lease purchase of new machinery and equipment up to the market value of the product.
  3. c) general costs linked to expenditure referred to in points a) and b), such as fees for architects, engineers and consultants, or those relating to advice on economic and environmental sustainability, including feasibility studies.

Feasibility studies will be considered eligible expenditure even though, according to their results, reach not made expenditure referred to in points a) and b).

  1. d) Consistent intangible investments in the acquisition or development of software and acquisition of patents, licenses, copyrights and trademarks.

Amount of aid.

  1. Technical concerning work execution projects and provided they correspond to approved activities, are eligible with the following limits of the budget of material execution actually executed fees: 5% for the drafting, 5% for construction management and 1% for the coordination of health and safety.
  2. Overheads and industrial benefit in the execution of civil engineering projects, with a ceiling of 19% of the budget of material execution actually executed.
  3. Expenses for economic feasibility studies will be eligible to a maximum of 5% of the remaining eligible, except investment based on their outcome was not carried out the analyzed investments, in which case they will be eligible to 100% of the cost the study.
  4. Expenses for land acquisition will be eligible up to 10% of other eligible expenses of the investment. Expenses for acquisition of buildings up to 50% of the remaining eligible to be investment aid.
  5. Expenses shipbuilding activities are solely for storage or marketing without any processing or provision of service is performed.
  6. The expense for the purchase of vehicles will be eligible up to a maximum of 50% of the rest of the eligible investment, except in the case of taxis, that will be 100% of eligible expenditure, with a limit of 20,000 euros.
  7. The maximum capacity of tourist accommodation to be eligible is 50 places (camping and lodging excepted).
  8. For civil work eligibility limits shall be limited to the maximum modules set out in Annex II of these regulatory bases.
  9. When the eligible expenditure exceeds the amount of 6,000 euros in the case of supply of goods or services, or 30,000 euros in the case of execution of works, the beneficiary must request at least three offers from different suppliers prior to the contraction of commitment to the service or supply of goods or the execution of the work character. They must be submitted with the application for aid unless, by the nature of spending is impossible.

Application date.

Until September 30, 2016.

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