Strategic R & D projects


Promote the realization of industrial research projects and strategic experimental development for Navarra, which are aligned with the European research and innovation strategy Horizon 2020 and that present innovative solutions to some of the challenges that are presented to society. It is about promoting the development of new technologies, seeking their materialization in the creation of new products and services.

Likewise, we want to promote the transfer of knowledge between companies and the research and dissemination of knowledge bodies located in Navarre, ie the Technology Centers, Universities and Research Bodies, through the joint execution of R & D projects .


In this call, the following key challenges have been chosen in relation to the sectors of the Smart Specialization Strategy of Navarra (RIS3):

-Retry 1: VOLTA III. 0 emission vehicles Long range and Advanced Technology.

-Retry 2: AERO III. Renewable Energy Storage to Optimize its use.

-RETO 3: GEMA III. Genomics and Advanced Medicine.

-RETO 4: ALPESII. Personalized and Sustainable Food.

-Retry 5: IRIS I. Artificial and Robotic Intelligence for Industry and Society.

-Retry 6: IDEA I. Emerging Applied Disruptive Ideas.

-Rect 7: SIBERIA I. Innovative Solutions in Biotechnology for Energy, Health Challenges, Industry and Agri-Food.

Characteristics of strategic projects.

1.-Projects of “industrial research” and “experimental development” will be the object of assistance.

It will be considered that these projects are of a strategic nature for Navarra because they respond to the key challenges related to the sectors of the Smart Specialization Strategy of Navarra (S3).

2.-The strategic projects will necessarily be projects carried out in collaboration between companies and at least one research and knowledge dissemination body of Navarra. The participation of research organizations outside of Navarre will be in the form of contracting services.

In addition, strategic projects must meet the following conditions:

  1. a) The minimum budget of the project will be 1,000,000 euros.
  2. b) The project will involve effective collaboration between the parties.
  3. c) The research organizations will assume at least 20% of the eligible costs and will be entitled to publish the results of their own research.
  4. d) The activities developed by the research organizations will be non-economic activities.

3.-In the case of the projects submitted to challenge 1 (VOLTA, 0 emission vehicles, Long-range and Advanced Technology), challenge 2 (AERO, Renewable Energy Storage to Optimize its use), challenge 4 (ALPS, Personalized Food and Sustainable), challenge 5 (IRIS, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for Industry and Society) and challenge 7 (SIBERIA, Innovative Solutions in Biotechnology for Energy, Health Challenges, Industry and Agrifood), the consortium should have the participation of a minimum of 3 companies, with at least one being an SME. They must also comply with the following:

  1. a) The sum of the percentages of business participation will be greater than 60% of the total budget of the project.
  2. b) The coordination and leadership of the project will be exercised by one of the participating companies.

4.-In the case of projects submitted to challenge 3 (GEMA, Genomics and Advanced Medicine), the consortium will have the participation of at least one company and a Hospital or Clinic of Navarra.

5.-In the case of the projects submitted to challenge 6 (IDEA, Applied Emerging Disruptive Ideas), the project will have at least the participation of a company.


Up to 65%

Application date.

Until March 7, 2019.

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