Renewable energy and energy saving and efficiency

Purpose and scope.

  1. The purpose of this Order is to call for competitive bidding for 2017, the line of subsidies for investments in renewable energies and energy saving and energy efficiency by natural or legal persons within the Autonomous Community of Cantabria, Through the application of the following technologies:

1.1. Renewable energy:

  1. Low temperature solar thermal.
  2. Solar photovoltaic.
  3. Minieólica.
  4. Thermal biomass.
  5. Geothermal.

1.2. Energy saving and efficiency:

  1. Renovation of lighting installations by LED technology and systems for the control and regulation of lighting that are in operation, being totally excluded from the scope of the subsidy those of new work.
  2. Recharging points of electric vehicles.
  3. Microcogeneration.

Beneficiary people.

  1. Individuals with legal capacity who can be legal persons, registered or with a fiscal residence in Cantabria, may have the status of beneficiary.

Legal entities with no fiscal residence in Cantabria, must at least have a center of activity in the Autonomous Community.

  1. Energy service companies (ESEs) may also be beneficiaries.

Eligible investments.

  1. Investments made between 1 October 2016 and the day on which the deadline for submitting applications, both inclusive, will be eligible. All investments must be executed, invoiced and paid in full within that period. These actions, or the corresponding part, will not be subsidized in order to comply with the requisite requirements, established by the Technical Building Code, municipal ordinances or other mandatory regulations.
  2. Investment concepts that may be incentivized shall be the following new fixed assets:

2.1. Promotion of the use of renewable energies:

  1. Low temperature solar thermal

Solar energy systems for heating a fluid from the capture of solar radiation by means of solar collectors whose overall loss coefficient is less than 9 W / (m2 ºC), for use in thermal applications.

The costs of the equipment and installations that form part of the system, ie solar thermal collectors, accumulators, heat exchangers, circulation pumps, pipes, valves and connections, expansion vessels, insulation, electrical system And control, measuring equipment and other secondary equipment, as well as assembly and connection of the set, associated civil works and commissioning. They will not be subsidized in any

If the equipment, facilities, etc. Of the secondary circuit / interior of the installation.


The amount of the subsidy will be equal to 40% of the eligible cost of the investments executed except in Solar Thermal and Renewal of lighting installations by technology Led that will be 30%. For the calculation of the eligible cost will be computed the costs of the equipment and / or facilities.

Application date.

Until September 14, 2017.

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