Incorporation of information and communication technologies


The granting of subsidies to facilitate the incorporation of information and communication technologies in SMEs in Castilla y León, in order to improve their competitiveness.


The self-employed and SMEs that have their headquarters or at least one work center in Castilla y León.

Eligible facts.

1.- Consultancy projects for the implementation of ICT solutions that, including the adaptation of ICT solutions to the company’s management processes, are linked to the effective implementation of one or several market solutions, may be considered eligible projects. These projects must be framed in one of the following priority areas of application:

-Industry 4.0, linked to the presentation of a global customized plan for the transition to Industry 4.0 of implementation of some digital enablers and / or ICT solutions of those indicated below in this provision.

– E-Commerce and Digital Marketing,

– Internet of the future, including solutions related to new Internet architectures, convergent services and shared data, aimed at achieving interoperability and connection between people and machines without time and space border. Among others, solutions that include some generic FI-WARE enabler.

-Solutions for independent living, including technical or management solutions, for the promotion of personal autonomy that improve the quality of life of people in situations of dependency (elderly, disabled, chronically ill, multi-pathological and similar). The eligible projects will include at least one or several Tic solutions as indicated below:

  1. Intra-company / inter-company management applications

1.1. Business solutions, with scope

1.1.1. Commercial (CRM to optimize customer relations, E-commerce:

E-commerce websites for the sale of products and services to customers electronically that incorporate the secure payment system in their possible interactions: B2B (business to business: Companies that trade with other companies or organizations), B2C (business to consumer: Companies that deal with clients …)

1.1.2. Financial.

1.1.3. Digital Marketing: Solutions related to Internet presence through the development of applications focused on marketing management, positioning and / or management of social networks.

1.1.4. Human resources (HRM).

1.1.5. Supply chain (Suppliers, production line, warehouses, logistics, and customers: ERP).

1.2. Intelligence and control solutions on each of the areas of business solutions

1.3. Collaborative platforms that allow the interaction between several companies with their possible interactions

  1. ICT solutions related to communications and data processing, in the following areas:

2.1. Cybersecurity

2.2. Computing and cloud

2.3. Connectivity that allows monitoring and management in real time: in the company: traceability, predictive maintenance, energy efficiency …)

2.4. Mobility

  1. ICT solutions that allow connecting the physical and digital world in one of the following areas of action:

3.1. 3d print

3.2. Advanced robotics

3.3. Sensors and embedded systems

  1. Any other ICT solution related to Industry 4.0, the Internet of the future and solutions for independent living.

2.- The projects must meet the following requirements:

  1. a) The beneficiary, before starting to work on the project, must submit the grant application, indicating the name and size of the company, the description of the project, including its start and end dates, the location of the project, the list of project costs and the type of aid and amount of public funding needed for the project.
  2. b) The implementation of advanced services will be developed in work centers located in Castilla y León.
  3. c) For projects within the scope of priority application “Industry 4.0” will be necessary to submit a customized implementation plan that must include, at the company level, the study of application in one or more of the critical processes of the company of some / s of the digital Enablers (in line with the preliminary report of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism called the “Digital transformation of the Spanish industry”). This plan must specify economic data and implementation times by process and technologies.
  4. d) They must reach the minimum score established on the basis of the evaluation criteria, which in their case, is determined in this call.
  5. e) The project must be viable from the technical point of view.
  6. f) The projects submitted to this call, related to “computing and Cloud”, can not be presented to the call to promote innovation in the technological field of the SMEs of Castilla y León.
  7. g) That the amount of eligible cost of the project is equal to or greater than 12,000 euros.
  8. h) The maximum duration of the projects will be 12 months
  9. i) All items of expenses must have been executed after the date of submission of the aid application and paid before the end of the justification period.
  10. j) The technical and professional capacity of the consultants to be hired must be accredited through documentation that certifies the experience of the work team that will carry out the implementation in the last two years. The consulting work must be carried out by experienced consultants who are not linked through actions or participations directly or indirectly with the applicant company.


Up to 50% depending on the location of the project with a maximum of 25,000.- € per company.

Application date.

Until December 31, 2018.

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