Companies aimed at boosting research and development


Object of this programme is the development by SMEs in the Region of projects of technological nature, with the aim of establishing a clear competitive improvement of the performances of industrial research and experimental development company.

(a) industrial research: planned research or critical studies aimed at the acquisition of new knowledge and skills that may be useful in developing new products, processes or services that allow to significantly improve the existing ones, including the creation of components of complex systems and may include the construction of prototypes in a lab environment or an environment with simulated with existing systems interfaces as well as pilot lines, as needed for industry and research, notably for generic technology validation.

(b) experimental development: the acquisition, combination, configuration and use of knowledge and existing techniques, nature science, technology, business or otherwise, with a view to the development of products, processes or services, new or improved, can also include, for example, other activities of conceptual definition, planning and documentation of new products, processes and services. The experimental development may include prototyping, demonstration, the development of pilot projects, the

test and validation of products, processes, or new or improved services, in environments representative of actual conditions of operation, since the main objective is bring new technical improvements to products, processes or services that are not substantially seated; You can include the development of prototypes or pilot projects that can be used commercially as they are

necessarily the final commercial product and manufacturing is too expensive for your exclusive use for demonstration and validation purposes.

Both industrial research and experimental development may include the acquisition of patents and other industrial property for the development of the project.

A project may entail framed within the concept of industrial research, and other activities within the concept of experimental development, provided that they are clearly differentiated and identify eligible costs allocated to each listed concepts, for the purposes of the establishment of the intensity of aid and its further justification.


Amount of the subsidy

  1. the maximum amount of subsidy to be provided by the Instituto de Fomento may not exceed € 150,000 per beneficiary and 84,000 euros per project, without prejudice to provisions of paragraphs of aid and graduation of the annex.

For industrial research the maximum amount of the aid shall be 45% 70% of eligible costs, and for experimental development activities.

  1. in the event that as a result of obtaining a grant generated financial returns to the beneficiaries, these shall apply to increase the amount of the grant awarded.



The maximum overall amount allocated for the aid provided for in the present call is 2,000,000 euros

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