CDTI – Improves conditions in innovation projects

Innovation hotline is a financial instrument directly managed by the CDTI and co-financed with structural funds through the operational programme of research, development and innovation by and for the benefit of the companies – technological background.

Its purpose is to support business projects that involve the incorporation and adaptation of new technologies to sectoral level, and implying a competitive advantage for the company. Technological adaptation actions aimed at introducing new markets will also be financed.


Technological innovation projects whose objectives cover any of the following cases will be funded:

  • Incorporation and active adaptation of technologies involving an innovation in the enterprise, as well as the processes of adaptation and improvement of technologies to new markets.
  • Application of industrial design and engineering product and process for technological improvement. It is projects that involve not only a technological modernization for the company but a technological leap in the sector in which the company moves.
  • Application of a method of production or supply new or significantly improved (including significant changes in techniques, equipment I software). Changes or improvements of minor importance, the increase of the capacities of production or service through the introduction of manufacturing or logistics systems very similar to those already used or the abandonment of a process are not considered.


  • Fundable budget: 175,000 euros.
  • Amount of funding: up to 75 of the fundable budget (funds CDTI), reaching 85 if it is co-financed with FEDER funds.
  • Duration of projects: maximum 18 months.
  • Form of aid: refundable aid to subsidised interest rate.

Previously, this line funded technological innovation projects through loans with an interest rate of 1 or 2, depending on the years of amortization. Now, interest rates will be Euribor 0.2 If depreciated over 3 years, with the Euribor 1, 2 If you depreciated to 5 years.

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