Castilla y León – Support International Expansion of SMEs

Call for aid to SMEs to develop plans tailored advice to encourage and promote the initiation internationalization of Spanish SMEs.
Through this program participating companies will work together with a specialist advisor who will guide and advise on the development of an Internationalization Plan that allows you to open new markets with stable character and improve its competitiveness globally.
To this end the company will keep working face sessions with your counselor and will receive progress reports advanced work according to the following milestones:
1- Select market according to a personalized analysis of both the company and the markets of interest.
2- Analysis of the competitive position of the company, customer segmentation and study of possible channels in the selected market.
3- Designing a communication plan with focus on elements of online communication.
4- Designing a Business Plan that incorporates specific action plan as an economic and financial plan.
After completing the work sessions, the company will receive its comprehensive Plan of internationalization.
Participation costs:
The estimated total cost amounts to € 4,695.80, and include the total cost of the services provided by the staff and all expenses incurred for the performance: such as travel expenses to the company for the provision and service delivery.
In order to facilitate the participation of companies in the program, «the costs of participation of undertakings in Program Support International Expansion of SMEs will be pre-financed entirely by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry».
Funding for program development is contributed by 80% by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union and 20% by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Palencia.

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