Cantabria will advise companies on green economy

The Chamber of Commerce of Cantabria last week unveiled a new advice service to the company for participation in project of the European Union in material of green economy or Green Economy.

The Act was attended by various personalities as the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Cantabria and Vice-President of the Chamber of Spain, Modesto Piñeiro and director general of innovation and industry of the Government of Cantabria, Fernando Rodriguez doors.

The House of Cantabria has with the support of the consultant expert in European programmes Global Funding Partners for the provision of this service, as well as with experts from Pons patents and trademarks, which were also present at the Conference.

The Department of European projects of the Chamber of Commerce headed by Cliona Howie, focuses its efforts to promote, advise and stimulate the participation of companies and research groups in European programmes which promote activities of IDi in Green Economy.

In a project funded by the General direction of industry of the Government of Cantabria, the camera offers an advisory service to encourage the creation of consortia to qualify for European calls as Horizon 2020. In the framework of the agreement with the Government of Cantabria, the camera offers a personalized service to access to public funding and participation in European programmes such as Life or the mentioned Horizon 2020

The service is aimed at companies, universities or research centres that have previous experience or no experience in European programmes of ID to perform Diagnostics personalizadosy free and thus idenfiticar the calls to asus activities.

Altogether, it offers advice on the management of European projects and also published a guide for finding partners for projects.

Through 2015, also adorned techniques of promotion, dissemination and training will be held for SMEs on European programmes and on the forms and mechanisms of participation.

As a complement to the presentation of the service, also held an information day held industrial property on the Horizon 2020 the European Union framework. According to a press release from the House of Cantabria, was informed about the General notions of Horizon 2020, about upcoming opportunities, upcoming notices of interest and useful tips for participating.

Source: Camera starts an advisory service to companies in green economy.

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