Business support line


Facilitate the financing of investment projects of enterprises in growth of the region of Valencia, whose objective is to preferably its internationalization, business consolidation and job creation as well as investments of foreign companies who decide to invest in the region of Valencia generating value and local employment.

Target audience:

SMEs, large companies and cooperatives.

Eligible costs:

Acquisition of productive assets and costs of plans of growth companies in the Valencian Community, with special emphasis on internationalization, business consolidation and creation of employment.

Referred to the possibility of financing working capital needs related to these projects, but excluded the refinancing operations to restructure existing debt ofinanciar the ordinary activity of the company.

Acquisition of tangible assets (excluding the purchase of land and buildings).

Acquisition of intangible assets

Acquisition and merger of companies involving clear advantages competitividas (growth in size and improvement of products and services)

Design, implementation and execution of marketing and international expansion plans.

Rental of premises and necessary expenses to open new markets.

Personnel costs linked to internationalisation projects.

Registration of trademarks, patents, utility models and industrial designs, marked CE or other forms of certification or standardisation of products.

Loan conditions:

Amount: Generally from 175.000€ to €500.000, expandable up to € 1,000,000 if the company has billed in the last financial year audited more than €6,000,000.

The maximum amount of financeable will be up to 75% of the investment project.

In any case, for the determination of the amount of funding will be valued, among other factors, the level of own funds and the financial structure of the company.

Term: Up to 7 years.

Lack: Up to 2 years on the repayment of capital.

Interest rate: Euribor plus a spread which shall be determined by the quality of the risk and the cost of access to finance of others by the Government for a term similar to the operation of loan, or equivalent fixed rate during the life of the operation. The resulting type is may be reduced by 0.25% if it is possible to affect project funding from the European Investment Bank (EIB).

Commission opening: 0.75% of the nominal value of the loan.

Early cancellation fee: no fee for early termination, unless you have opted for a fixed interest rate.

Guarantees: a time tested the viability of the investment project and the solvency of the applicant company.

When the requested funding amount less than €175,000 company should provide a guarantee of a credit institution or mutual guarantee for 100% of the risk of the operation. In these cases, the amount of financing of IVACE may not be less than € 50,000.

Application date: until December 31, 2015.

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