Basque Country – Machine Tool Renewal Plan

This program aims, encourage investment in new industrial machinery to achieve a high degree of modernization of production facilities and in turn adapt to the safety and health.

1. You will have the status of eligible purchases made machinery for modernizing production equipment of industrial enterprises, adapting them to the safety and health, and to improve productivity to increase the degree of competitiveness.
2. In line maintained sustainability, will proceed to the acquisition of new machinery.
The equipment shall comply with the following specifications and features.
a) The new equipment shall have a minimum purchase amount of 70,000 euros (excluding VAT) and be productive process affects the economic exploitation of the applicant, and likewise, must be supplied and installed in the undertaking.
b) The new equipment will be purchased in the period between January 1 and November 12, 2015 (inclusive).
The aid under this program will be implemented in the form of grants amounting 15% of legible expenses, accredited by way of acquisition of new machinery, for a maximum of 70,000 euros per machine newly acquired and 100,000 euros maximum per company and year.

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