Basque Country – Álava Innova

This call aims at supporting the implementation of projects and / or actions to promote innovation in Álava, to contribute to economic modernization, increased productivity and improved competitiveness of Alava productive through grants in competitive basis.
Those actions that are eligible to be interveners indubitativa way to the implementation of innovation projects are necessary and carried out by the deadline, according to the following classification:
A. 1. Product innovation
A. 2. Innovation in production processes
A. 3. Innovation in organization
A. 4. Innovation in marketing and markets / internationalization
A. 5. Other innovative actions for the company
They will be eligible for aid the work contracted to outside professionals, technology centers or professional services firms to develop activities.
New hires funded under this grant program must meet the following requirements:
– Personal researcher and / or technical and / or creative, to scholarship according to these categories and the development of jobs and tasks directly linked to project funded innovation.
– Have a minimum duration of six months full time, under the contractual arrangements it deems appropriate company or beneficiary, according to labor law.
Each applicant may submit a maximum of 2 different projects.
Economic resources are of 1,234,916.00 euros

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