Aragon – Supports for the competitive development of the Industrial activity

Aid to companies linked to the industrial activity for the implementation of the actions foreseen for the competitive development of the industrial activity in Aragon.

Eligible actions

1. Will be considered eligible actions to be developed by the intended beneficiaries in the third section of this order, projects carried out effectively in the autonomous community of Aragon in the eligible period, within the category of aid for investment contained in chapter II of the Decree 1382009, of 21 June, the Government of Aragon.

For these purposes, refers to project any initiative of spending or investment on an operation or specific active, you are going to be made by the eligible deadline and that, individually or combined, have a business sense, notwithstanding that this initiative can become, in its content or time, one larger plan. Preliminary or preparatory documentation of the project, as insofar as it does not suggest the onset of actual expenditures, shall not be considered for the verification of the incentive effect.

2. The aid may be granted for:

(a) an investment in new, material or immaterial, assets for the creation of a new establishment, the extension of an existing establishment, diversification of the production of an establishment into new additional products or a fundamental change in the overall production process of an existing settlement. Necessary condition will be the production of a net increase in employment of at least 2 workers in the template for the benefiting company if this is small, 5 workers if the company is medium-sized and 10 workers if it is not SME.

(b) the acquisition of fixed assets directly linked to an establishment, when it closed, or would have done have not been purchased, and the assets to be acquired by an independent investor, not related to the seller, or by employees of the company that are not already owners of this. The mere acquisition of the shares of a company shall not be deemed investment. In any case, the activity shall continue with maintenance of the employment of, at least 50 of the original template associated with it. In the case of succession or processes of transmission of an SME for the family (meaning, to the third degree of consanguinity included) of the owner or original owners, is it prescindirá condition that assets are bought by an independent investor.

The economic resources are 5,000,000 euros.

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